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AGIC Energy

AGIC Energy is an independent renewable energy research, developer, and energy as a service provider company with its head office in San Diego, California USA, we drive innovation in clean energy. AGIC and its affiliated partner companies develop, own, and operate medium to large-scale renewable energy generation and storage facilities


Rentaino is a U.S. company registered in the Dominican Republic with presence in other Caribbean countries. Their focus is the import, manufacture, rental, customization, sale, and distribution of towels, bed linens and hotel amenities. Their products are directed to the hotel, health, and beauty industry. Pioneers in the rental service of towels and bed linens in the Dominican Republic. They also offer other services such as personalization of amenities and towels and the provision of renewable energy solutions (photovoltaic/solar) for hotels and private clinics in the region and software for the hospitality industry.

AGIC Energy Global Technology (AEGT)

AGIC Energy Global Technology (AEGT) company is a global renewable energy product development and innovation company, with our specific focus on DC energy, the company creates all types of product that fits the DC space and allow for ease of use for end users. From solar and wind based power generation products to our comfort DC product line, we try to meet our client’s energy needs

AGIC Farms

AGIC Farms is leading a dynamic approach to organic and indigenous farming. We are going back to the roots, engaging community heads, traditional leaders, and royal entities in making sure that they look inward and utilize the value of the land mass they have within their domain, community, and control to generate employment, growth, and most importantly development for their regions. Everybody is a stakeholder in AGIC farming environment, we develop, finance, operate and manage various farmlands for diverse agricultural produce, and we are also making a major breakthrough in organic animal husbandry. We look into our local populace to pick the right individuals to become our farm managers in diverse capacity and involvement.

Tag Credit

Tag Credit operates with membership blocks of individual, SMEs, and other applicable and qualified institutions. Blocks are identified by region and serviced by TAG Credit Artificial Intelligence [AI] module as a designated block admin that is the first point of contact and administrator of the block. Any block with more than 50 members must have an alternate authenticating administrator, and no block is allowed to have more than 75 members. These administrators will serve as the blockchain contacts and operator per member block. Blocks with less than 50 members will be put on probation and might be cancelled by TAG Credit if the block is not able to maintain the 50 member minimum or attract additional members within the probation period.

AGIC Energy Consulting

AGIC Energy Consulting, headquartered in Poway – San Diego, CA, USA, consists of energy professionals with extensive experience in all facets of the renewable energy industry. AGIC Energy Consulting provides services that tackle the day to day challenges faced by our global clientele. Our multi-disciplined and global professionals can easily be configured into the working groups needed to address any applicable multi-phase project. This structure enables us to handle large volumes of work efficiently, enabling a quick reaction time which is essential to keeping pace with the global renewable energy market dynamics.